If you don’t know who Action Bronson is AND you like rap – you need to get educated.

If you don’t know who Action Bronson is AND you do not like rap – he might be your gateway drug.

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C’mon. Just look at this loveable face.

Bronsolino has had quite the career from starting as a chef in NYC to (now) having 10 projects out. He’s toured with Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, and Eminem. He hosted a traveling food show called Fuck, That’s Delicious not unlike an Anthony Bourdain and Guy Fieri crossover. Recently he got the greenlight to host a late night cooking show on Viceland premiering October 23rd.
As for his latest album, Blue Chips 7000, let’s get to it


WolfpackProd. by Party Supplies 

Always a family man, Action starts off with a clip of him asking his mother how high she is presumably after getting her really high. Then he goes into a great intro track – rapping about food and life events that seem plausible; classic Bronson.

The beat is minimalistic and jazzy. Smooooth. Good time to not that Party Supplies has a 2013 album called Tough Love that’s best described as ‘dance music for introverts’

La Luna – Prod. by The Alchemist

Probably my favorite track on the project due to the sheer creativity on it. He’s starts the track by asking his friend to call him a car and after his friend does so, they’re put on hold with the fictional ‘La Luna Luxury Car Services.’ Hold music starts to play and Bronson starts to rap over it.

The track transforms as the audio quality changes from that of a cell recording to that of a studio. Funky as fuck. The Alchemist is a mastermind producer.


The Chairman’s Intent – Prod. by Harry Fraud

The second single off the album. Bronson shows off his knowledge of sports, cars, and overall life experience. Harry Fraud is another amazing producer.

The video is just… ridiculous.


Hot Pepper – Prod. by Knxwledge

Apparently this track is the second collab between Bronsolino, Meyhem Lauren, and Jah Tiger. The idea of a spontaneous track just happening because the stars align and the vibe is right makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. In the age of the internet this is something more old school.


Bonzai – Prod. by Harry Fraud

This track takes a step back from all the action and energy. Very mellow. I love the idea of Bronson hanging off the side of a mountain trimming a bonsai.


Let It Rain – Prod. by Party Supplies

Party Supplies again! The energy is still going on a mellow vibe again. Rain starts playing through the track alongside a really dope sax solo.

The best part here is the outro into the intro of the next track. I’m a big fan of part 1’s and part 2’s…


My Right Lung – Prod. by Party Supplies

Only makes sense that Party Supplies keeps the vibe going. The storm is in full effect as Bronson gets introspective on this track. Bonus points for the Cruisin’ USA reference.

I’m not sure what I would give to dunk one time. Not my right lung tho.


TANK – Prod. The Alchemist

The Alchemist really just knows how to let Action shine on a track. The sample of Harri Stojka Express is damn near perfect.

Bronson’s pal Big Body Bes has a ‘verse’ if you can call it that. He mostly just shouts the lyrical equivalent of Action Bronson’s raps. Still entertaining.


Let Me Breathe – Prod. by Harry Fraud

HF again this time with the first single off the project. Bronson claims this was the first single because everyone else puts out singles that pull people all different types of ways. He also apparently needs an inhaler in between dabs. Let him breathe.


9-24-7000 – Prod. by Harry Fraud

HF keeps it smooth and almost nautical on this track. Reminds me of some underwater adventure in Mario or Zelda. Bronson bats and swings with an opener about Ryu (from streetfighter you uncultured fuck)

Lil surprise from Ricky Rosay only after Bronson jumps into the water.


The Choreographer – Prod. by Daringer

Damn this one is my 2nd favorite of the album. The opener makes me feel like I’m sitting at a concert venue with suede tabletops and smoking is still allowed. Everyone’s wearing bell bottoms. Big hair is in.

The production is tight. We see an outsider step into the arena.

One of the longest tracks on the album but it goes by fast cause you don’t want it to end!!


Chop Chop Chop – Prod. by Daringer

Looks like the outside won us over. He produces yet another track. This one reminds me of a cowboy coming home for a victory lap. We only get 1 verse here and there’s a general feeling of things winding down.


Durag vs Headband – Prod. by Knxwledge

This one seems like more of a brotastic jokey for fun collab between Bronsolino and Big Body. It was apparently released after an episode of Fuck That’s Delicious last October. Holy shit it’s been a year.



Really solid project from Action Bronson. The way he splits up bars is fascinating. His patchwork story telling is also extremely entertaining. Always glad to seem him on something. I love that he reps the cultural intersection of food, travel, and hip-hop.



Love you like your momma.



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