I’ve decided to transition this site from a music blog to my own personal blog. Boring – i know.

I’m grateful for the opportunities being an indie music blogger has provided me and the people I’ve met as a result. I’d love to continue to write extensively about music but truth is there are a ton of blogs, twitter pages, insta profiles etc that already do it with more consistency.

Instead I’m going to spend my time focusing on my art. If you’ve supported me so far just know that I’m extremely thankful. I used to not be able to finish a project or even share a work in progress. I’m late to the party but I think this is the early stage of something good. I’m not miles down the road but I’m finishing tracks, collaborating, and getting positive feedback on my work which feels AMAZING. Bottom line is my work is for me and I think I have a great internal gauge of good vs bad music. Yes art is subjective but my goal is to make music I would listen to.

Stay tuned. Reach out to your loved ones. It’s never obvious without you doing something about it.





Mac was a serious source of inspiration. As an artist, his constant growth was displayed with ease thru his work. He learned to produce and play instruments – he was a hip hop head – he supported his peers.

Really sad to see him go but he’s still inspirational to me.




So I’m starting a music blog.

I’m doing this for a number of reasons. After college ended, I started working a 9-5 and now only have certain hours of the day to really indulge in music. I felt trapped. I couldn’t spend twenty minutes talking about John Mayer’s guitar playing or Kanye’s production at work without raising a few eyebrows for wasting company time (which I totally get). I missed having my radio show and the interaction with listeners.

Music was now only shared and enjoyed in groups after work and on the weekends. I hated the idea that someone could limit me and that after music had connected me to so many others, I ultimately I felt alone.

I’m always thinking about music so why not write about it? I’ve always wanted to keep a running list of albums/projects I’ve listened to and how I liked them after really digesting them so why not write those reactions somewhere so that my friends can see and share their thoughts?
All in all if you know anything at all about me it’s that my life revolves around music. It’s sad that I can’t see everyone in my life under the same circumstances that I had once seen them – so this is for you. And me. This gives you something I did on my own time with a little piece of me that you can read or interact with on your own time. I hope that this helps connect me to a lot of people I’ve lost touch with. If not at least there’s the music.
Welcome to The Neel Show.