If you haven’t heard Brockhampton yet, you should.


BROCKHAMPTON via Pigeons and Planes

Quickly gaining popularity, the 15 person collective had to add a late show in NYC and has already sold out in Boston. Funny enough the group grew in numbers when they recruited new members from KanyeToThe. They started out online, then they moved in together in Texas, and are now living together in South Central.

The collective stands for self expression and is a creative powerhouse as they have their own members producing, rapping, singing, directing, managing, and building their web platform.

Their upcoming project SATURATION II is a follow-up to June’s SATURATION. 

Check out their latest release JUNKY below.





SAT @ 2

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Russ is an interesting guy. He’s been self made the whole way. He loves gin. He needs toothpicks. He recently signed a 50-50 deal AND put out his major label debut album.

Obviously he falls under the hip hop umbrella but what sets him apart is that he raps on his own beats and he mixes everything too – complete vertical integration. He’s been putting out music for 10 years and rapping for 4. At the tender age of 24 that’s not bad at all. His aim is to expose the rap game frauds and to do it while building and maintaining a base of real fans.

You should listen to his latest album There’s Really A Wolf that boasts a generous 20 tracks.