Props to the homie for having more Grammies than he has sold songs. Very happy to see him win but I have to admit, him winning over Kanye ran a few thoughts through my head…

How did Kanye react to losing Best Rap Album to Chance?

A. He texted/called Chance and left and endearing message
B. He cursed out whoever was with him at the time and claimed to own Chance AND his newly acquired Grammys
C. He gave no fucks and continued to do whatever he was doing
D. He hit the studio to record/produce something to make a cultural impact sometime in the future
E. He made the below face
F. A and D
G. B, E, and D

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 5.34.31 PM.png


Forreal though. We are now in a world where powers, thrones, and crowns are transitioning gradually. I’d be damned if every minute of it wasn’t exciting to me though.

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