[MUSIC][VIDEO] Young Thug – Wyclef Jean

I recently embarked on a great journey – I call it: An Expedition Through Thugger.

I watched Alex Tumay’s great talk here. I listened to the Slime Seasons. I watched interviews. I read reviews. I sat on on rapgenius for a while. I wondered if horses keep going. I wondered what it was like to have 12 kids. I really felt like I was starting to understand Young Thug(which is really hard).

I love that this video really showcases the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of a rap video. There are so many hours and dollars poured into what ends up only being 2-4 mins of footage and the average viewer rarely thinks about what went into making it. This video falls directly in line with my want to showcase the producers and directors behind our favorite songs/videos.

But anway, here’s wonderwall Young Thug’s new video which only features about 0:10 actual footage of him, Wyclef Jean. Ryan Staake is a creative genius with a good sense of humor. To be fair I guess Thugger is too if he let this video be published on his behalf.


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